Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OctPoWriMo: Day 18

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Today’s prompt for this challenge is “Senseless”.  There are several ways to take this word. I chose, from my archives, a poem which uses the following definition of senseless: unconscious, numb, unable to perceive.

This poem was written when David was on the verge of death.  Had we not gotten him to the hospital when we did, we were told he would have been dead within three days.  It was a scary time of pondering and reflection and trying to deal with what could have been my future.
Your Touch
As I lie here beside you
In the dark silence of our room,
You are holding me in your arms,
Yet I cannot feel your touch.
You gently caress my arms,
As they lay there across your chest.
You run your fingers through my hair,
Yet I cannot feel your touch.
What is happening to me?
Why am I so numb?
My heart aches for you,
Yet I cannot feel your touch.
Then, suddenly, I remember.
The pain comes crashing through
Like the waves of a hurricane,
I know why I cannot feel you.
Your holding me in your arms,
Your caresses so sweet and gentle,
Your fingers through my hair,
They are all just memories of you.
You were taken from me
When I still needed you so much.
One of life’s cruelest jokes,
Never again will I feel your touch.
©1997 Suzanne G. McClendon

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