Friday, September 2, 2011

Dada Poetry

I was doing some research on various poem styles this evening and came across one that I've never heard of. It is called "Dada". I have heard of Dada art, but had never heard the term in regards to poetry. It is a poem that makes no sense at all, like someone took the words of a poem and poured them out of a bucket to land where they may.

I came across a website that has a Dada generator. You put a few lines (at least eight words) into the generator, and it spits them back out to you in a Dada-styled mess of words. I have been having fun making a mess of a few phrases and then copying the resulting "poem" back into the generator to further mix things up.

My original two sentences:

I will forgive you when I stop hurting. I will stop hurting when I can forgive you.

The resulting Dada:

when hurting. I when can
will forgive stop hurting. I
I forgive I forgive you.
you I stop I will
will stop I will hurting
I when I hurting. I

Sometimes I feel as confused as these Dadas are!

Here's the link in case you'd like to have a little fun with this. Dada Generator

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